Anime/Manga Section
Anime and Manga make Maxie very happy. I have a few favorites and I haven't really watched anything new lately. If you know of something I might enjoy, please let me know!

Sailor Moon
This is the anime that got me hooked and begging for more. I started watching it when I was a Freshman in High School I believe. It came on USA Network at 8:30 am and I missed school once because I was sick. I had never heard of Japanase animation before but this anime was so beautiful and heart wrenching to watch. I loved Sailor Jupiter from the start. These girls were so much like me and my friends. I was sure someone had been watching us and decided to make an anime out of us. XD I begged my other friends to watch it too.
Then one day at school, my friend's boyfriend introduced me to Archica. From that point on, I felt like she was my twin. She was even wearing a Sailor Moon shirt! We talked and talked and she told me she had the Japanese versions of Sailor Moon and that I could borrow them! I freaked out. She also introduced me to all of the other anime that I have watched as well. Thank God she came into my life. :D
Usagi is basically my role model. I want to be like her because she's so strong and caring. She never wants anyone to get hurt or be sad around her. I want to make people laugh. I want to protect people. And I believe what she said: "Nothing is gained from fighting. We just end up hurting one another."

Marmalade Boy
Archica also introduced me to Marmalade Boy. This series is just cute and full of teenage drama. XD The main characters, Miki and Yuu, are loveable. I smile everytime I see them on the screen. Not to mention the MUSIC in this series. OMG Some of the best music and lyrics you'll ever hear. Period.


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