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I don't like computer games much at all. I never can do anything on them. But I love Playstation/Playstation 2 games very much! My favorites are Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Need for Speed, and Soul Calibur. Games that don't fit in a series are: Haunting Ground and Dark Angel. Below are sections for each game. You can also click the links with "MB" after it to go the my message board link for that particular series/game. :)

Resident Evil series
The first Resident Evil game that I ever played was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. My brother told me about it and loaned me his Playstation and game and taught me the basics of playing it. From that moment on, I was hooked. Jill Valentine is still a great heroine in my eyes. She's tough and doesn't back down, but yet she does have a heart. Later in the game, Carlos came along and stole my world. He's just so cute and awesome. I love their interactions in the game, too. He's so full of himself at first. XD Jill quickly fixes that.
Nemesis, the main enemy, stole my heart. He freaked me out and made me panic from the first moment I saw him. He's my absolute favorite villian in the entire series. When he shows up, it's fight or die. I still get goosebumps. XD

I fell in love with Carlos and Jill, so I applied for their Fanlisting. I was approved and the link to the fl is: Private Emotions If you like this pairing, please join!

Resident Evil Director's Cut
After playing all the way through 3, I wanted to check out the rest of the series. I hunted down the Director's Cut and played through it next. The voice acting is terrible, the graphics are pretty bad, and the story is a little lacking, but it's a great game. At least you get to meet Wesker, one of the main characters in the series, and Chris. I don't remember much about this game because it's been a while since I played through it.

Resident Evil 2
OMG One of the best games ever. I met my favorite female character in this game: Ada Wong. A woman who knows what she's doing and how to break men's hearts. Wow. From the moment she appears, you never know what to expect. Leon Kennedy, the rookie police officer, also appears. He's so cute and clueless for most of the game. But he tries to protect those he comes in contact with to keep them safe from the zombies.
Claire Redfield, Chris's sister, also appears here. A tough female biker chick all the way. She finds a little girl named Sherry and watches out for her most of the game. It's really sweet to see her motherly side here.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
Claire is the main character in this game. She's still looking for her brother, Chris, and ends up on an island prison for breaking into an Umbrella lab. She runs into a guy named Steve Burnside. (A little annoying guy at first but he grows on you!) They have words and then meet each other and decide to work together later on. Weird game and weird enemies, but still cool to play through.

Resident Evil 4
Best game ever in this series! Beautiful graphics, storyline, and characters. Ada and Leon are back and better than ever! Wow. Ada is gorgeous! (See the pic on this layout? That's her!) She's tougher and stronger and more cunning. You can tell that she and Leon still care about each other. They pair up (more or less) and take down the riffraff. :D This ties with RE3 for being the best games to me. ;)

Silent Hill Section
Silent Hill
This was the second game that I played in the series. It's actually the first game and it took me a while to want to play it because the graphics suck. It's a Playstation One game. Anyways, you play through as Harry Mason. He and his daughter Cheryl are on their way to Silent Hill for a vacation when some strange things start happening. He wrecks and wakes up to find Cheryl is gone. He wonders throughout this weird, fog covered town to look for her. He sees her in the distance and runs after her.
All throughout the game, he continues to search for her. He learns of some strange happenings and weird monsters in the city as well. The characters are pretty decent and my favorite is Cybil Bennet, the policewoman. Alyssa (I can't spell) is also a very different character.

Silent Hill 2
This part in the series doesn't fit at all with the first game. This follows James who is looking in Silent Hill for his dead wife, Mary. The town hasn't changed much and the storyline is kind of boring in this one too. Basically he receives a letter from Mary telling him to meet her in Silent Hill.
While he's there, he finds a woman looking for her mother. Her name is Angela. She's very strange and talks like a child a lot. Then he runs into a woman named Maria who looks just like his wife. They talk and she leads him around town. And one of the greatest villians ever, Pyramid Head, shows up as well! <3

Silent Hill 3
This one is my absolute favorite. It has beautiful graphics and silly stuff galore. Heather Morris is the main character and she's pretty cool. This story connects with the first game. All I can say is PAY ATTENTION! Otherwise you will get lost terribly. I should know. XD
Heather fights through a strange world that appears when she wakes up from a strange dream in the mall. The world has turned dark and you never know what's going to happen next. Heather makes her way home to find a terrible thing has happened and vows to get revenge.
Heather is not who she seems. As more details are revealed, the story makes more sense. I advise playing this with a guidebook close by. ;)

Silent Hill 4
The latest installment in the series is very different. You play as Henry Townsend who is locked in his apartment. He can't get out and you must figure out what's happening to understand the story. The gameplay is very different and the main character is more human like. My favorite character is Cynthia, just because she's pretty and different. XD Oh and you must fight off ghosts in this game, too. Which has never happened before. O_o

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