This is the place where I will talk about all of my favorite things, including video games, movies, anime/manga, and tv shows. Please click the links at the bottom to go to each setion. :) The message boards are for chatting about each subject listed. If you need help on a video game that I've played, or you know one that I might like, feel free to post there! If you like a tv show or whatever that I do, go check out the boards!! It's no good if noone talks. :) It's also a good place to make new friends.

So make yourself at home and have fun! And thanks for stopping by my home. <3
Maxie ♥

The layout for this part of the domain was made by me in Photoshop 7. It features a beautiful pic of Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. The wings on her back are a brush from: ObsidianDawn. The one on the iframe came from: Gunslingngeisha. Please do not steal my layout or coding! Thank you.