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Wow. My taste in movies is very diverse. I love scary movies, horror, drama, detective, and action. Not to mention a lot of Hong Kong/Japanese movies. :D I will try to sort them by category to make them easier to look through. Be sure to check out my Message Board links below to go chat about them, too. Please?

Fantasy Movies (Vampyres, Comic Book to movie, etc.) These are probably my favorite types of movies. I am obessessed with Vampyres and comic book movies. My list goes in order below with a slight comment about why I love them so much. I'll try to avoid major spoilers.
Underworld/Underworld Evolution
Best series of Vampyre movies ever. I love the main characters, Selene and Michael. Selene is absolutely everything I love in a vampyre: tough, gorgeous, and lethal. The storyline is amazing, not to mention the graphic effects. OMG Even the bad guy is cute. XD Basically, the vampyres are in a war that's been going on for centuries with the lycans, or werewolves. The werewolves want to mix the blood of a vampyre and a lycan to be stronger than their enemies. The vampyres are dead set against it and that's basically what the movies are about. Not to mention an awesome romance thrown into the mix. :)

Resident Evil Movies
These movies are great because they go with the games they came from. Or well, there's lots of zombies and ass kicking. XD Alice, Rain, and Carlos are my favorite characters. Carlos is actually in the RE games. Basically the Umbrella corp. has set loose a virus that makes zombies and the main characters are trying to pay them back for it. Lots of action and heart in these movies. Not to mention I am a huge fan of Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriquez.

Spider Man movies
I love the romance in these. Kirsten Dunst and Tobey McGuire do great things in these movies as Peter Parker and MaryJane. It's nice to see a story that makes heroes have to fight and use their heads instead of so much brawn.

The X-Men movies are great because I love all of the action and characters. There's not really one moment I can name where I was just bored in any of these. My favorite pairing is Wolverine/Rogue. XD


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