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I am not a huge TV fan, but once in a while, a show will come along that will grab me and stay with me for many years. That is the shows I am going to list here. There is something special about each one or they wouldn't deserve a spot on my site. XD So please look through them and hopefully understand why they mean so much to me.

Heroes (Currently on NBC Monday nights at 9 PM)
From the first moment I watched the first episode, I was left craving more. My husband and I watched it and were both awe-struck after the first 30 minutes. Usually, at least a few characters are useless and pointless, but in this show, there are absolutely no dry characters or moments. I can't even find the words to describe how great this is if you haven't watched an episode for yourself.
Basically, it's about these ordinary people who find out that they have extra ordinary ablities. But they aren't so far fetched that they seem ridiculous. For instance, my personal favorite character is Hiro Nakamura; an office worker who finds out that he can control time. He is just breath taking and sweet. He makes the show funny in some ways because of his naivity. (I can't spell. T_T)
Then there is Nikki, a single mom that has a killer alter ego. This woman will mess you up if you mess with her child! Wow. And Matt, a cop, finds out he can read people's thoughts. Sometimes that is a curse. Another favorite character is Claire Bennet, the cheerleader who is invincible. She cannot die or get hurt. Well, she gets hurt but it heals immediately. Trust me, she's tried it all. XD Peter and Nathan Patrelli are brothers who can fly. <3 And Isaac Mendez can paint the future.
This is truly the best show that I have ever watched, and trust me, I thought nothing would ever come close to the show listed next.

Dark Angel (Aired in 2000 and had Jessica Alba as the star)
This is probably the coolest show ever, as far as cool acting and storyline is concerned. Jessica Alba starred as Max Guevera (my Online name, Lady Max), a genetically enhanced soldier. She was a human that was mixed with feline dna so that she could jump wire fences and run incredibly fast to escape enemies. From the moment you see Max, you fall in love with her character. She's gorgeous and funny, plus she has a wicked sense of humor.
She and the rest of the soldiers were created at a place called Manticore. When she is 10 years old, her and 12 of her siblings escape and go into hiding. They are tired of being treated badly by their "father figure", Lydecker.
The show then follows through two awesome seasons of Max and her family trying to live in the shadows of Seattle, Washington. When they escaped, terrorists set off a nuclear bomb over the USA and fried all of the computers. The US turned into a third world country overnight. Everyone basically has to steal to survive. And that's exactly what Max is good at.
I still love this show, and I wish there had been more seasons than just two. Hopefully someday, they will make a movie. <3

Degrassi (Currently on The-N at 8 PM Fridays)


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