If you're here, I guess you are interested in why I wanted to do this. It's simple: I love helping people. I started making layouts for Gaia in 05 and I haven't stopped since. I thought it'd be nice to have a place like tektek, where people can come and get free Gaia layouts. I have been blessed in learning coding and having help from my awesome sister, Archica. So I'd like to help others who just don't have time to make their own themes or they just need help.

If you're interested in having a custom theme made, I do make those as well. They run around 5k in gold for a basic Blocks theme or up to 40k for a fully custom theme. (Like my own on Gaia.) If you want one, feel free to message me on Gaia. My profile is located here. And I love hearing from people, so please don't be afraid to message me!
The One and Only,
♥ Countess Max ♥